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Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy this Summer

Summertime is finally here! For many families that means school is out and kids are home on summer break.  While most parents prepare for summer activities with sunscreen, bug spray, and first aid kits, it’s important to consider your child’s dental health as well.  Below are some tips for keeping your kids’ smiles healthy this summer.

Keep up Good Oral Hygiene Amidst Schedule Changes 

With schedules changing from school days to time at the beach, pool, summer camp, and vacation, it can be easy to fall out of our usual dental care routines.  Encourage your children to keep up their healthy habits despite the shift in schedules.  It’s ok if that’s at 7:00 am before swim practice or at 9:30 pm after enjoying s’mores as long as they are brushing twice and flossing at least once per day!

You can also put our office goodie bags to good use by pulling together the travel size dental essentials (toothpaste, floss, toothbrush, mouthwash) and creating a portable travel bag for your children that can easily be transferred from their swim bag to overnight bag as needed.

On a long road trip without a brushing opportunity on the horizon?  Be sure to drink water instead of sugary drinks and sodas and try to rinse after eating to help remove any starches or acids from your teeth.

The Beginning of Summer is the Best Time to Schedule Your Child’s Check-up

According to a 2015 survey conducted by Delta Dental on U.S. students, more than 30 percent of parents said their children between the ages of 6 and 12 had to miss school due to an oral health problem.   Make life easier and schedule dental check-ups during summer vacation when you don’t have to coordinate with their academic calendar.

Many parents wait until August to schedule their children’s check-ups before the start of the school year, the beginning of the summer is actually the best time to get your kids scheduled.  By having Dr. McCauley clear your children of any issues before the start of summer, you can relax knowing you won’t have any dental surprises during a weekend camping trip or while you’re out of town.   If there are any issues to address, it’s easier to take care of them during the summer instead of when you’re getting organized for a new school year.

Prevent Dental Emergencies

We know summer means more time outside playing basketball, baseball, swimming, biking, and enjoying other outdoor sports.  While all these activities are part of the fun of summer, they can unfortunately result in a dental injury. Here’s some tips to prevent some common accidents.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, many summer oral injuries are the result of a pool accident.  Your kids may roll their eyes at the pool rules of “no running on the deck” or “no excessive horseplay” but slippery decks and hard ledges present two opportunities to chip or knock a tooth loose.  Remind your children why the rules are in place and encourage them to play and swim safely.

Feel like you’ve spend your summer at the pool?  Don’t be surprised if you notice discoloration on your children’s teeth. Swimmers who spend more than six hours a week in chemically treated water may be at risk for developing stains on their teeth.  Pool water contains chemicals that give the water a higher pH than saliva.  As a result, salivary proteins break down quickly and form organic deposits on teeth. These hard, brown deposits, known as “swimmers’ calculus,” appear most frequently on the front teeth.  Parents should be aware but not alarmed; swimmers’ calculus can normally be removed by a professional dental cleaning.

Know how to React When Accidents Happen

Despite our best efforts, accidents happen!  It’s important to know what to do in case of a dental emergency to minimize your child’s pain, chance of infection, and increase their chances of a quick recovery.  If your child chips or loses a tooth, first clean the area with warm water and apply an ice pack to reduce the swelling.  Apply gauze to stop any bleeding, clean the tooth of any debris, check the orientation of the tooth, and try to replace a lost permanent tooth back in the mouth.  If that’s not an option, use saltwater or milk to keep it moist for the ride to the dentist.  It’s important to get to the dentist’s office as quickly as you can so they can assess the tooth and take immediate action.

I also recommends a dental emergency kit to take with you on your summer adventures.  It can be as simple as a bag that includes gauze, a small container with a lid, ibuprofen, and our office contact information (425) 354-3138 or [email protected]. Enjoy your summer and comment below to let us know about your summer travels!

Dr. Amanda McCauley, DDS

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5 Tips for a Bright Smile

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and everyone wants to make sure they have a bright smile! With an upcoming holiday focused on romance, I start thinking about prepping for date night. One of the first things that people notice when they initially meet you is your smile. Having a bright, white smile is an easy way to make a great first impression, and it will make you appear younger and happier. Whitening aside, increasing your home care and maintaining a healthy mouth will help prevent cavities and gum disease, sprucing up your fresh breath!

Here are 5 Steps to a bright smile:

1. Focus on Flossing. To whiten your smile, start with basic oral hygiene. Healthy pink gums are the backdrop of a beautiful smile and will make your teeth appear brighter. Also, if you don’t floss, you actually miss 35% of each tooth surface! Allowing food, plaque, and bacteria to build up between your teeth will make it easier for food, drinks, and tobacco to accumulate and stain your teeth.

2. Use Over the Counter or In Office Whitening Products. There are a wide variety of whitening products that have been released over the years. Some over the counter products do work, but many provide very small signs of improvement. Whitening toothpastes have chemical and polishing agents that increase stain removal, but they do little to change the base shade of the tooth. If you desire a bigger change, dentist-supervised tooth whitening remains the safest and most effective method. A dentist can provide you with a properly fitting mouth tray that keeps whitening gel from leaking, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

3. While Whitening, Watch Out for Food and Drinks that Stain. Carbamide peroxide and similar whitening agents open up pores in your teeth, which means they will easily absorb anything. Stay away from coffee, red wine, tea, ketchup, mustard, and chocolate during your whitening regimen. Once you’ve reached your ideal shade, you may resume your coffee consumption. Remember, though, staying away from these foods and drinks will keep your teeth whiter for longer!


4. Consume Crunchy Foods & Snacks. Snacking on hard, raw fruits or vegetables (like apples and carrots) helps produce more saliva. Saliva helps wash away food and bacteria from between your teeth. Saliva battles the effects of acidic foods and beverages, keeping your teeth looking bright. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help as well.

5. Make It Lighter with Lipstick. To instantly have a bright smile, shades of lipstick with a blue undertone (instead of yellow or orange) will contrast the yellow hue in your teeth and make them appear bright.


Remember to talk with your dentist. Depending on the hue of your teeth, certain whitening procedures will work easier for you than others. Also, teeth with crowns and fillings will not whiten with the rest of your teeth. Your dentist can help you understand the best way to whiten your smile and make your teeth sparkle! If you take care of your teeth, your smile will stay brighter for a year or two after whitening. With proper at home touch-up whitening, your smile will stay brighter for even longer.

If you are interested in professional, in-office whitening we are offering a promotion during the month of February for half off the regular price of Philips Zoom Whitening.  For $275 (regularly $550) and a hour and half appointment you can achieve noticeable results.  Call us to learn more at  (425) 354-3138.  You can also request an appointment through our website at

Dr. Amanda McCauley, DDS


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Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Our Whitening Special

What’s on your calendar for Valentine’s Day? Are you still looking for a last minute gift idea? We know patients want to look and feel their best this month which is why we’re happy to offer a limited time promotion on Zoom Whitening for $275 ($550 value). This professional whitening method delivers results and only requires one appointment.  You can stop in, sit back, relax and walk out with sparkling teeth just in time for Valentine’s Day.  This promotion is open to both new and existing patients. For new patients, we are conveniently located in Downtown Bothell right next to the library.

Questions?  We’d be happy to answer them! Call us to learn more or to schedule your appointment at (425) 354-3138.  You can also request an appointment through our website at

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