Soda Free August

Participating in Soda Free August (‪#‎SodaFreeAugust‬) is a great choice for your teeth which will avoid all the sugars found in sodas. If you’re still looking for a carbonated beverage – check out the top picks from Food52’s recent taste test for some of the best sparkling water options out there!

Food 52 Taste Test

Food52 tested six sparking waters (Whole Foods Italian Sparkling Water, Poland Spring, Mountain Valley, La Croix, Voss, and San Benedetto), five seltzer waters (Boylan, Polar, Fairway brand, Hal’s, and Adirondack), two club sodas (Whole Foods 365, Q-Club), and four carbonated mineral waters (Perrier, Gerolsteiner, San Pellegrino, and Selters). Everyone agreed the drinks tasted different, but the testers couldn’t agree on how they tasted! If you don’t have tooth sensitivity, try drinking the water at colder temperatures to improve the taste.

Dr. McCauley’s choice for Soda Free August

Dr. McCauley’s prefers Refreshe, sold by Safeway, even though it didn’t make the cut in the taste test. Since Dr. McCauley doesn’t often drink soda, she likes to have Refreshe as a refreshing alternative. The carbonation is a good alternative if you’re trying to cut back on soda. Remember that flat or distilled water is still the best option for healthy teeth!

Sparkling water isn’t only for the rich and famous

Good sparkling water doesn’t have to break the bank. One taste tester thought the more cost-effective Whole Foods 365 brand tasted more expensive. Surprisingly, the more expensive waters like Perrier and San Pellegrino didn’t stand out. In that case, Dr. McCauley recommends giving a grocery store brand a try!

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Dr. Amanda McCauley, DDS