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Professional Teeth Whitening

Let Your Smile Make the Right Impression

Our whitening treatment options are designed to achieve your perfect smile on a schedule that fits your lifestyle

Having a bright white smile is an easy way to make a great first impression, and it will make you appear younger and happier. Professional teeth whitening aside, increasing your home care and maintaining a healthy mouth will help prevent cavities and gum disease, sprucing up your fresh breath!

For patients looking to improve the color of their teeth within hours, we offer Zoom professional teeth whiteningwhich was named the “Most Effective Teeth Whitening Treatment” by Women’s Health.

We also offer personalized, take-home whitening trays with professional grade solution that provides the flexibility to whiten your teeth on your schedule. This option begins with a 30 minute appointment to take upper and lower impressions of your mouth to ensure a perfect fit.  Custom trays improves comfort and maximizes the impact of the whitening solution.  You will return to the practice to pick up the trays and walk through the instructions with a member of our team.  They will be able to answer any questions and provide recommendation on foods and drinks to avoid while whitening.

Professional teeth whitening should be completed before major restorative procedures like crowns, bridges, veneers, or implants, because the porcelain material in these restorations cannot be whitened once it is cemented in your mouth. Therefore, whiten your teeth first. After you are satisfied with your whitening, and your desired shade is reached, we can move forward with creating restorations for you that match your other pearly white teeth.

Dr. Amanda McCauley, DDS
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